Friends of the Expo— Oasis CD

Oasis CD logo

Sure, there's a lot of companies out there that will manufacture your CD. But one company in particular, Oasis CD, has really gotten the attention (and the praise) of our Members—Oasis. Here are just some of the ways Oasis stands out from the crowd:

Creative Packaging— Oasis is the industry leader in creative, eco-friendly packaging design including the Oasis Jewel-Free Box, Soft-Spot, Rough-Look, and aluminum coated (mirror) trays.

CD Marketing Support— Oasis clients enjoy the benefit of free promotion to radio DJs and industry execs via the renowned, chart-topping Oasis Sampler CDs. They also receive free barcodes and free retail display boxes with every order.

CD Distribution Support— CDs manufactured by Oasis qualify for distribution through cdstreet, CD Baby and - at Oasis's expense.

Single-Speed Glass Cutting— For a modest fee Oasis will upgrade your order to single-speed (audiophile) direct glass mastering-an exclusive Oasis option. If you are thinking about releasing a CD, do yourself a favor and visit OasisCD. You'll be glad you did!

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