O Ms Hennessy By James Cook

by james cook

O Ms Hennessy

Your taste is so Sweet
and all So Unquie

O Ms Hennessy

She's my Ghetto
Queen She's every
Hustlers Dream
Ms Hennessy

She's all Playa really
needs She's My VIP
The world falls at her

O Ms hennessy

An She Plays for kéeps

Ms hennessy She age's well with time
That Girl is so Divine an So refined

O Ms hennessy she keeps ThuG on his
Grind an keep the fella's stand in Line
an She blows my mind
Like she got me on Cloud Number 9
O Ms Hennessy
an she truly a Dime an she
got me through hard times
an Proud to call Shorty all mine
O Ms Hennessy
That Girl she' so fine an Greatest of all times...

O Ms hennessy
your taste is so sweet an all so Unquie
Ms Hennessy She' my Ghetto Queen
she' every hustlers Dream

O Ms Hennessy She' all playa really needs
She' my VIP the world falls to her feet....
O ms Hennessy an She plays 4 kẻeps

(Bridge ) O Ms Hennessy
Just fill my Cup an That means
So Much O Ms Hennessy Your love
is all i need U wake me up with your tender
Touch O what rush like Child has Crush

O Ms Hennessy O Ms hennessy ...

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