Noteworthy Expo Alumni—Richard Harris

Meet Richard Harris - 8+ Year Expo-ite, WWAHM Winner, Hit Songwriter!

Richard Harris / KiDDRich Update 01.16.14 THIS IS COOL! Richard Harris is now one of our own Hit-Makers!

"I wanted you guys to know that this year got off to a great start as I have the #1 Billboard Dance Chart song with the artist Cole Plante as we speak [January 2014]. The song is called "Lie To Me" on Hollywood Records! So I am thrilled. Thought it would help with the WWAHM contest too which I'm also thrilled to be a part of!!" —Richard Harris

The EXPO is THRILLED and also very proud of Richard's accomplishments. He's a star!

Update 9.13.13: See how far Richard Harris has come!!

Richard Harris

This English born composer, producer and singer/songwriter, now residing in Los Angeles, brings to the US a continuing heritage of great British music, along with an American flavour that has already generated a great deal of success both sides of the pond.

From an early age, his desire to write music was apparent when he quit playing the trumpet, in favour of the piano, so he could emulate his Father, Johnny Harris, a hugely respected composer and arranger. Other major influences range from the music and composers he loved and listened to, from Led Zeppelin to Stravinsky and Vaughan Williams, to more recent influences like Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers and Radiohead.

With credits that include CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, The BBC & Granada TV, touring both Europe and USA, and several TV appearances back in England, Richard has more than the usual to offer as a composer, songwriter and producer. His instrumental music has found a home with UK based Artemis Music and Los Angeles based Firstcom, Killer Tracks, Messy Music, D2 Music, Pump Audio, Riptide Music and Premier Tracks libraries. He has scored two independent shorts that will be making the festival circuits later this year and has composed music to a number of TV and radio commercials. Incorporating both contemporary and classical styles, Richard's music has been sold to TV, Film and Corporate media all around the World and achieved a #1 on the website,, against 16,500 other artists where reviewers were comparing Richard's songwriting to the likes of David Gray, Keane, Aqualung and Coldplay.

His knowledge of music technology has already become a valuable resource to many that surround him, but ultimately it allows Richard to compose and produce all of his own work at his home based Pro-Tools studio in Los Angeles.

Respecting the great masters and embracing the new ground breakers is where you can truly place the music of Richard Harris, with a nod to those that set the standards before, but with both eyes fixed firmly on the future of music making.

Visit Richard's website.

Richard was voted the winner in the Pop category in the Durango Songwriters Expo 2007 "Write with a Hit-Maker" songwriting contest. Here is what Richard had to say about the experience:

"Winning the Durango Songwriters pop category was an amazing thrill for me. When Jim [Attebery] called to tell me I was in shock as I wasn't expecting it, mainly as I consider the talent level of the people who come to Durango to be fantastic. So to be a winner really means something. This was my third visit to Durango and each time has been an amazing event for me. The first time I came I truly was broke. I had just come out of a stint at Guitar Centre Hollywood (which was not part of the emmigrating to LA and becoming a successful writer plan!) and after a bounced payment to Jim, my wife and I were able to get a credit card increase that made the payment!! That year I got a deal with Riptide music and along with many other great opportunities that came from both previous visits to Durango this is all I do for a living now. This of course also adds to the very good feeling I got by winning the contest and just confirms what we all hear at these events which is keep going no matter what!

"Writing with Tony [Scalzo] was a pleasure...he is really one of the good guys. He has an amazing knowledge of British music and that of course is where I come from so working with him was very easy. I came prepared with a bare bones song and we pretty much nailed the lyrics in our session and moved around some melodic ideas I had and I cannot wait to get this recorded so everyone can hear it. It was a great experience and one I hope to repeat one day...

"Lastly I want to thank Jim, Bill, Jack and all the Durango team for all that they do for us up-and-coming writers. This sort of thing doesn't exist back home, so I feel very lucky to be part of it. It has already made a huge diffrence in my career and this past weekend was an even greater success for me. I intend being a permanent fixture every year until Jim tells me I have to go away. Thanks again and see you in October!" —RH

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