Noteworthy Expo Alumni—Mary Beth Maziarz

Update: Mary Beth has just published her first book! Kick-Ass Creativity is more than a's a life course in how to create and keep your career alive!

"...maybe you're just tired. Overwhelmed. Distracted. Disillusioned. Burned out. Maybe somewhere along the line, 'real life' took over, and your artistic existence became neglected, withering away into the sorry state it's on now. You remember feeling full of ideas once-crackling with possibility-and you miss that potency. Lately you may have heard a quiet, but insistent, call to create (and perhaps even politely asked it to pipe down, please!) but it's still there, tugging at you during the brief pauses in your busy life." —Kick-Ass Creativity: An energy Makeover for artists, explorers, and creative professionals (Page 11, Chapter 1, Energy Works)

Mary Beth will be conducting a live workshop at our Boulder/Broomfield Expo 2010. Click here to attend.

Mary Beth Maziarz

Mary Beth Maziarz has been an integral part of The Expo for a number of years. She is a terrific singer/songwriter and a magnificent performer. In many ways, Mary Beth epitomizes everything The Expo is about: She has a thriving career as an independent artist, as you will see from her bio below.

The Expo has benefited not only indirectly from Mary Beth's presence, but directly as well. A resident of Park City, her contacts locally, her organizational skills, and her compelling charm and personality proved to be an invaluable help in getting the first Park City Expo (Fall, 2006) off the ground successfully.

The way we see it, if Mary Beth Maziarz wants to be a part of what you do, indeed you must be doing something right. She is the best!

(Thanks Gene DeSmidt for the photo!)


Mary Beth Maziarz (pronounced: “MAY-zee-arzz”) began singing in the jazz cafes, folk rooms, and elevated train platforms of Chicago while in college at Northwestern. After school, she moved to Park City, Utah, where she found the mountain community to be the perfect place to write songs, talk to interesting people, and appreciate the beauty of nature. A series of non-musical jobs bucked up her life experience and resume; time spent as a fine art framer (hmm…finger-devouring tablesaws…great for pianists!), a golf course beer cart girl, and a waitress of many fascinating establishments helped her use that "American Culture" degree as she found her way through it, up close and personal.

As Mary Beth’s audience grew, her music drew the attention of the popular television shows, Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five, and Everwood. Before its final curtain in May of 2003, Dawson’s Creek used Mary Beth’s music a dozen times, featuring her more than any other artist. They even featured her on the show in January of Season Three. Filming her episode and working with the cast in Wilmington, North Carolina, was a thrill she’ll never forget.

In the fall of last year, Mary Beth was approached by a German production company to supply a theme song for a new series called Bianca – Wege Zum Gluck. They selected a warm ballad Mary Beth had been working on, called "True Believer," and debuted the show in November of 2004. "Bianca’s" romantic storyline quickly drew a legion of viewers to watch the show every day, making it a bona fide hit! "Bianca" currently airs every day in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and may appear in other countries in the next year.

She has also performed songs in a number of movie soundtracks, including the films Coyote Summer, Broken Hearts Club, and the upcoming features, Leave No Trace and Jupiter Landing. With a talent for interpretive covers, she did a version of John Stewart’s (and the Monkees’) song "Daydream Believer" that was included as the only song by an independent artist on the Songs from Dawson’s Creek – Volume 2 Soundtrack, released worldwide by Sony Music in 2000.

The release of her latest album, Wish signifies yet another evolution in Mary Beth’s musical direction. The wonderful, lush sounds of artists like Rufus Wainwright

and Aimee Mann

, and the great energy of people like Susan Tedeschi

and Jos Stone

have influenced the production style of an incredibly diverse and compelling collection of new songs.

album coverMARY BETH MAZIARZ: Wish

This is the music playing in the bookstore or cafe that you have to ask about, the songs that end up soundtracking your year; WISH is dreamy/edgy/rootsy/rich/a-littly-funky/beautiful/moving and chock full of soulful, heartfelt moments...

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Visit Mary Beth's website.

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