Noteworthy Expo Alumni—Dale Crider and His "Swamp Cabaret"

Dale Crider

Editors Note: So many great things come about each year as a result of the Durango Songwriter's EXPO. In this feature you will learn how established folk troubador and nationally recognized environmentalist Dale Crider took what he learned about House Concerts at EXPO 2003 and turned the idea into a unigue and exciting live performance series dubbed by the local (Gainesville, FL) press as Dale Crider's "Swamp Cabaret."

House Concerts, in recent years, have become an increasingly viable vehicle for new performers to get heard, build a fan base, sell cds and merchandise - indeed even make a full-time income - without the frustrating and so often unfulfilling "bar gigs" that typically are the main source of opportunity for musicians and songwriters.

Get involved with House Concerts! You'll find an audience that's "all ears," ready and willing to give your music the attention and respect it deserves.

"When I came to the Durango Songwriters Expo, I learned that I had been missing a lot...Durango helped me in so many ways...I've had three successful House Concerts already..." —Dale Crider

Dale Crider, Florida's environmental troubador, has written, recorded and performed numerous songs about Florida, its unique wilderness and wildlife. These songs have helped bring attention to the plight of endangered wildlife, to their habitats in rivers and other fragile acquatic ecosystems, and to the natural systems that support all life in Florida. Crider recently retired after 30 years with the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. Over the years he served as a waterfowl biologist, then environmental and educational specialist.

As both singer and biologist, Dale has convinced people of all ages that Florida wildlife habitats and the plants and animals dependent on them should be saved. He has performed his songs in almost every state and in Argentina, Paraguay, Canada, Australia and the Caribbean. He has performed on stage with Tom T. Hall, The Bellamy Brothers, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Gamble Rogers, Will McLean, John Hartford and various other folk, country and bluegrass artists. He has entertained governors and various policy makers from Tallahassee to Washington.

Dale has been interviewed by ABC's Ted Koppel and has performed on various national broadcasts and cable networks. Crider's songs were included in the World of Audubon TV specials, TBS's Woodstork: Barometer of the Everglades and several other documentaries on Florida.

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