Not another blood stain

by Alex
(Dallas TX)

Tired is an understatement
Worn out is just an expression
Happiness I keep basement
While sadness is forever in my possession
Life is bittersweet
Similar to the grapefruit we eat
Some people love n others love to hate and won't think twice to tread over our feet
When I walk I walk alone
On this lonely street away from home
So dark and silent
Such a cold cold zone
I try to get lost and hope to never be found
I try to fly away but I can't seem to ever leave the ground
Freedom is what I lust and escapism is a must
Away from a world that has forgotten about love and trust
People dying children crying
The wars were fighting the more we're lying
To ourselves to just look and turn away from the problems and pain
In this chaos and strain what do we possibly hope to gain
You are my brother you are my sister not just another blood stain

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