New one

by Taniko

Anxiety sufficating me
Feelin like i can barely breath

Hope no hope in me
Depression killin me
Cant fuckin eat or sleep

Cuttin till i cant even bleed
Needing you wasnt a need
Guess i was caught up in the greed

Wasnt even there when i needed you
Cuttin so deep i was bleedin blue
Now i got so many trust issues
Cause you left me when i needed you
Yea mother fucker yea that is true
Talk to me like we through and through
So go ahead leave got two words for you

Is too much to be true
Is too much to be true
Is too much to be true
Tired of fake bitches like you

Got in my mind they all kinda suck
Show up with problems and they all wanna duck
Guess im just outta luck
Nigga just call when they wanna fuck

Im not no object
Im that bitch you wanna fuck with

But give me a chance but i know you cant
All you think bout is gettin in my pants

yea yall niggas fake
Expect me to fuck before the first date
Broke ass nigga dont start to wait
Bitch i know you waiting for that cake

Im that bitch you dont want problems with
Bitch ass nigga bring that drama shit
I aint with all that drama shit
And if you got a problem you can suck my dick

Already got too many problem to start with
All these niggas wanna hit and quit
But i aint that type of bitch

And i gave you a new one
Bitch this is yours

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