Neo-Soul, Soul, R&B, Smooth & Emotional

by Tess Henley
(Seattle WA, USA)

Tess Henley - New Artist/Songwriter

Tess Henley - New Artist/Songwriter

Sept. 2008 Review from

"Her (Tess Henley's)CD contains eight songs that flirt with (nu) soul and pop, all penned down by Tess herself and exposing her exceptional ability as a piano player and vocalist. Immediate proof of this is the album opener, Intro to Pompi's Song, and the 'mother track' itself, Pompi's Song, an ode to her late grandfather with a hear-warming lyric ('He told me to be just me. He taught me so graciously. He showed me that there's only one way to live. And that's humbly.') and beautiful gospel intermezzos. As a 20-year old, Tess proves to be quite a strong songwriter...I also would like to highlight the title track Easy to Love. This song reminds me of tracks that I would like to call "Sunday Morning Soul". You know the feeling...waking up on a Sunday after a great night's sleep, spring sun is projecting its first warm beams of the year through the fresh, olive green oak leaves and you feel like a million euros or dollars. The nightingale singing that morning can be Tess Henley for me every time."

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