My roof top

by Gates

Just three more steps
From the roof top
Three more deaths
With no sadness
Three more humans
Filled with anger
Three more fights
Until I break
To the roof top

Just two more steps
From the roof top
Two more lovers
Fake with happiness
Two more friends
Scatter like sand
Two more dreams
Filled with despair
Till I reach my roof top
And i am free

Just one more step
From the roof top
One more hope
Left like nothing
One more family
Long forgotten
One more life
Taken by another
Till I finally get my roof top
Where ill sail like an angel

No more steps
To the roof top
No more chances
Quick the shatter
No more hate
From the others
No more dreams
Turned to nightmare
I'm finally
Reached my roof top
With no more steps
From the rooftop
I only jump
And sail to the ground

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Jul 07, 2015
by: Maroonwolf123

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