My Poetic failures

by Wild-Child
(Regina SASK)

Yeah man, her name runs rampant in my brain, Shania.

verse 1
Shit started off so lovely so normal, no hatred, no pain nothing to show, personal problems that I'll carry for decades never ending always rememberin' I hated her so much, for some reason I can’t stop the thought of her with every breath I fell further into reality of how brutal & unfair it can be, Please don’t end up like me, don’t fall in love with a girl that’s pure evil Wickedness & a scary ass smile, I might even be in denial, I gotta push these words out with pain & fear.

verse 2
failed attempts to erase the memories I cherished, Wild child’s mad wicked smile demented denial, average liar, full attire, ill minded purely guided with a sense of remorse, godly immersed I feel like bursting, spitting something so Savage with pure Rawness Awfulness, it’ll start hurtin' yo' head men, to be honest with ya' I still dream about her & it always ends the same way, I've been workin' so damn long my thumbs are like fuckin' leather I rarely get under the weather light weight feather heavy as a mother fuckin' bottle I use to sip nightly & that Marijane I found to keep myself safe, I catered my problems with simple solutions of whole hearted pollution, wild child's a Brainiac, train wrecked stupid shit faced mess.

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