My Music Story

by Luo Yang
(Hualien, Taiwan)

I am Luo Yang. I am from Taiwan. I am 18 years old. I grew up in a small town, Hualien. I am now studying college in Taipei, Taiwan.

When I was young (about 5 or 6), I liked to dance on the sofa and sing, pretending I was a super star. But my real music journey started when I bought Taylor Swift’s album Fearless at 12. I was so inspired by the album-the lyrics, the melody and the concept behind every song. I realized music could be a powerful way for me to express myself. So I started to play the guitar at 13 and I started to write songs at 14. Since that, I realized I wanted to be a musician.

I have a band with my friends and I am the drummer. We did covers and had many shows inside and outside our high school. But playing the guitar is still my favorite thing to do. I often lock myself in the room and write songs all day long. I also made demo and record my own songs. I used to make covers but now I focus on songwriting.

My songs are mostly acoustic and folk with simple guitar background. As time goes by, what I write also changes. When I was in high school, I mostly wrote songs about daily struggle, love, teenage life and friendship.

Now I often write about homesick, love and more other things. Whatever I write, I always try my best to stick to authenticity. I think my songs are very true because I always use real experiences and concrete ideas to express what I want to sing. People can be quite related to that.

Though now in Taiwan, I want to release my songs and start my music career in America. I hope more people can hear my music. Hopefully I can get a record deal and make an album.

Here is my soundcloud page:
My E-mail:
Address: Rm. 5, 5F., No.62, Zhongmei 3rd St., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone Number: 0972240864 (Available in Taiwan)

Please contact me or spread my songs if you like them. Thank you very much.

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