my lyrics

by Jalisa Edwards(Jaey)
(Albuquerque New Mexico)

i go to kennedy middle school

I see some people tryna pursue it u can't do it how I do it cuz its all about the fluid and the position that you take to get the motion that u make cuz every breath that u take there's another life at stake I'm on a mission there's only one wise decision n ima make that decision no I don't do it for attention I do it for da goodness in my heart and da art music I put feelin in my lyrics a couple people say dey fear me so don't fear me cuz I fear it do you fear it do you feel me ima god fearin child but I'm try a do better I'm startin to pray every night now I'm sleepin much better I don't toss n turn im really start in to learn from da mistakes dat I've made in da past no I don't do it for da cash I don't even know my dad but I got my mom and she gone watch me go to prom take a hunnet pics send em to me quick don't forget who's always been there and who doesn't even care how Gould u blame da inacent n da one who's led u to fame I feel like u think that's these words is just a game but it ain't game that I'm playin I'm just saying won't u understand.......Thanks hoped u liked it...n if u didn't well then oh well IMA keep shining cuz I'm 13 n I been spittin since I was 11 n ain't nothing gone stop me

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Dec 04, 2015
(: NEW
by: Julia.

That was good! (:

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