My Hustle

by Shalicia

I remember bein broke,
no one gave a fuck bout me,
but now I made it to the top,
they wanna come runnin back,
all they did was sit around and slack,
while I hustled,
so where my niggas?
I guess they think they to good for me,
I'll let them think that until they can finally see, I'm the best thing,
I aint the next tupac,
But I ain't gonna stop,
It was a shame I couldnt trust my own fam,
they just dont give a damn,
my mom left me on them streets,
i ain't have no shoes on my feet,
she used to buy my love,
i couldn't even get her to hug me,
My dad just drinks his life away,
while i slay
flippin bricks,
makein easy money,
this shit won't even funny,
once i diss em',
then they miss me
i aint makin this shit up,
no flex

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