mr. joe

by joe boyer
(london ontario canada)

this is a bit of a blues jazz lick''''i've got the melody in my head, and these are the words.I can be reached at nuff said.

Say hey momma,, "fancy shoes"
say hey, hey, momma,,,,dress,and fancy shoes.
say hey, hey, hey, momma hair so fine and eyes so blue.....dress and fancy shoes.

im an invisable man, your a visable girl but we will never meet in this physical world..

say hey momma, wanna take a chance?
I belive we really ought to dance.
you can be pretintious and i can pretend that we'll be together up to the end......fancy shoes. say hey momma.

say hey momma, fancy shoes..say hey hey momma....dress.....fancy shoes. i say hey hey momma hair so fine and eyes so blue............dress,.....fancy shoes.

listen its late. i am no longer going to collaborate. i have a few more lines to end this; let me know if you are interested....later mr. joe

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