Mountain's View

by Gianna

Looking at the wall
Hugging my doll
Wondering how it got to here
My eyes are leakin tears
Uohhh how did it get to here
Trying to keep my head up baby it's harder than it looks
I'm climbing up a mountain still waiting to get to the top
Taking deep breaths trying not to drop
Uohhhh how did it get to here

Will it all be worth it? In the end
Life is hard but I'm gonna fight
Keeping fighting
Once I'm at the top
The view will be great
I'd be proud
Uohhhhh is it worth it baby?

I'm giving my all
But is that enough
How did I get to here
Will it get better
Please give me an answer
I just want happiness
Uohhhh how did I get to here

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