Moon by daniel olan

by Daniel olan
(Italy Milano Via Giambellino 32)

the sky the moon is down every thing you like every thing you know
just be like the moment ohhhh!

You got the mooon moon yeah yeah you like the mooon just stay away
the love and i think the most important is the only love and i wanna moon is ever and kick men you like the moon is over just giving every time

ohh ohh ohh ohhhhh you want this open may eyes x2
just kipping the moon the light everthing is gone the night keep going down the love the moon is gone everthing now everthing not yeah yeah

Just be the moon the is light everthing now everthing not not
this is the last time im see the moon

Just fast right oh the short i love you moon just kipping holding on i show the love for moon and you go to the show of my life that kipping of moon

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