Mighty and Healthy - 2EM

by 2EM
(bangalore, Karnataka, India)

I am mighty and healthy.
The Ghost lives inside each of his students.
I am a student.
Lets begin.

Tune in as i begin to son em all, watch em fall down the hall. Kick there canes, split there brains, seven lions i have tamed.
You speak of kittens imagine how lame your thoughts are, i'll take your garbage bars and burn em all. Another carcinogenic spark in the atmosphere i'll grab your deer, by the antlers for support for the rock hard cock ill give to your daughter as i begin to bang her. A master of this craft, cheese upon the breed that process is stuck inside of my head, right after the left where the little men are orderly playing fun and games inside of my brain. The voices inside is only an echo to what goes on in the king of hell's mind. Satan, i am not afraid of him, i have created him. He is the balance needed to keep this earth stable as i stand upon this table the angles crown me the last son of the universe. He is God to me, thats the loud voices you hear coming from the balcony. If you kept up with the lines in-between the lines then i applaud you, sit down we have more to discuss, the rest of you stop with your fuss, select your appropriate buzz, rewind listen again with focus, hocus pocus your mind is open . Give me scalpel let me poke in, rewire the right cerebral cortex, put a double drive in the left and a tombstone for the dead laying in silence the back of his head. Trump is retarded, bring back bush, fuck it neither one of them would legalise kush. I am the anti-system my agenda is to kill the richer, remove the weaker, who could look in the mirror and realise they are far from the man that they want to be. Yet all they can do is to cry and to weep. Remove religion and race let the world ever live by it. Kill the spy's and the snitches let the resources go to our children. Tomorrow is a brighter day stay true to yourself my people.



A fan of this art form laying the war zone on toast and eating it at walmart.
Sending desires calls to God, praying to bring back Nas to the top of the charts. Hip-Hop is on it's last breath and she's calling for y'all to stand and to commit one more slip and she'll fall.
How is mumble fame where have the lyrics gone back in the day rap wasn't about bass, rap was the soul power to elevate, the light of the panther the fire of the cause, that unified the brothers now look where its gone. Hip-Hop is on fire I'm armed to go out with a bang. If she's dying I'm dying hip-hop is my only fam. My mind is a lyrical program. Uh-Uh
My mind is a lyrical program coded when i was asleep at the age of three. Rakim himself wrote the codes in me. So when it comes time the wiring would kick off a higher me, the one to run to the top and throw mumble of the balcony, clear the top and stand there as the guardian beast. Divine intertwine. Why have the legends that raised me slowly dying. Overnight kidnapping every fake wack actor rapper. Locking them in the dungeon, tying them by there limbs, ready for slim shady to come and cut open. 2EM has spoken .
I'm from bangalore city, You hear me, Real rough raw and gritty.

-Written by 2EM

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