Mental concoction

by Troy

Seperated by stigmas
Shadow searching forces
Always torching porches
Un-labeled type of enigma
Hiding behind the fortess
Siding with inclined blind fortunes
Personified playin out paragraphs
Left unwritten lied in plight
Hung from the sharpest, hardest
Saraded formed stalagmite
False thoughts, drippin wet cumbersome
Caverns and canyons, caves so resourceful yet let to adorn mourns
Singing an old song of fables and folklores
4 score
Dare to explore,head aches fed up with heart breaks stitchin up cuts
Bubbling down deep in yur gut
Ravaging savages taking and raping
Fortified weakness filled to the top.

Maleifence intent hell bent as it was sent
Can it leave?
Let us breath
Get the fuck away from we and me
The pots done boiled
All of the water straight into steam
Why the fuck is the kettle now a cauldron
Stirring the beast not demon but mamartian Stargazing stimuli
Raising fallangis to touch the sky
Captured convivial unquestion culprits
Sitting in their synagogues laughing at all who are hopeless
Chins held high, heads standing tall
Insides ripped out severed extremities
Up on the wall where they labeled every single individual enemy
Preserved artifacts of what happenend last time something connected with its own shapless identity, finding a moments notice to taste true understanding of luscious peaceful serenity.

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