by Michelle

Each step I take.... is one of these moments
Past in my memories... lays with you
while i see your face making emotions-
laugh,smile,crying,angry. it feels like i wanna
be in your arms til we rest in peace.

Standing with me is you wanting the journey back
Life goes on. within the past,til the beats of
our hearts goes slower ( x 3) ...
loading like we're ready to go from the above

the corpse is shaking making a earthquake
preparing us til our age stops.our soul lives on.
the clouds are thickening to touch the sky. all i
see is the angels and the witiful men glancing up at us,
saying,''The Newcomers! The Newcomers!'' suddenly...

i felt like we're in a dream.til we rest in peace. all
this time,i keep remembering those memories a special
momemt we have together. so little time before i passed
out away. my precious love to my dear family.

it lays with us.til i see your face ready to go
from the above. mmm...during all these years,ive
been waiting for you making a journey out here
where i am. so you know.

this moments or memories you can look back.
seeing you, i was crying when i was in your
arms.glad to see you my dear loved one.

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