Melody & Tyler a Rockin' Acoustic Duo

Melody & Tyler met in Utah and began performing soft acoustic music in early 2008 and have become one of the hardest working bands in Utah. They regularly tour and perform every weekend and are advocates of a steady and strong music community in Salt Lake and other cities in Utah. They have won and been nominated for many awards and are far from the soft acoustic music they started out with. With hard work and committment Melody & Tyler evolved into the rockin acoustic duo they are now in an effort to fight the stigma that comes with being an acoustic musician. They can perform everywere form a coffee shop to a bar to large festivals. Melody & Tyler have opened for such acts as J.R. Richards of Dishwalla, Automatic Loveletter, Meg & Dia, and The Wayne Hoskins Band. They are currently touring as well as and performing in Salt Lake and working on their second album which will be their first full length album.Their first album 'i bleed music' was produced by Marc 'Coop' Cooper in Redding California.

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