Me and a life long dream

by Melissa Shipley

I was born in Pontiac, Michigan November 20, 1979. I was the last of three girls. While still in my early childhood, I moved with my parents to Roscommon, Michigan. Roscommon is a small country town with not much population. As a child growing up in the country, I enjoyed things like riding my bike to the river with my family, climbing trees, playing on dirt roads, taking adventure walks through the forest, building forts with the neighbor boys, playing dolls with my girl-friends and of course, singing.

In 1989 my parents moved again, this time taking my sisters and I from small town Michigan to Phoenix, Arizona. What an adjustment! This is when I really started discovering my love for music. Growing up, music class was an easy favorite. As I got older, I pushed myself in our middle school and high school choir. Eventually I began to land school event opportunities like singing the National Anthem at football games, basketball games, volleyball games, etc. I also became the "go-to" person for a number of teachers who wanted to put together an intermission for things like our schools "Mock Wedding and Fashion Show". I was fortunate to compete in State and Regional contests (Solo and Ensemble) through our school programs and would generally place 1st-3rd.

Upon graduating high school in 1998, I pretty much gave up on the dream of singing. I reached a point in my life when I needed to start thinking more practical and begin preparing for my future in the real world. I began taking classes at one of our local community colleges focusing on my pre-requisites to get into Midwestern University. While taking my courses I came down with a serious kidney infection and was hospitalized. By the time I was able to go back, I learned that I had been dropped from all of my classes because I missed too much time in order to pass the class so instead of going back to college (which was a BIG mistake) I decided to find a job working in doctors offices and financial institutions.

After finding a successful career with a mortgage company, the next thing that seemed logical was to start a family and that's exactly what I did. I am now happily married and have two wonderful little boys. Since having my children and becoming a stay at home mom/wife I began to realize that my love for music was still strong in my heart so I decided to make a comeback and push myself to create good music and work on getting signed with a record company.

So in conclusion, I guess that I started believing in myself again and that "Why me" attitude has turned in to "Why Not Me". If all these other people can do it, so can I :) So here I am today...creating music, being a full-time mom and wife and living life to the fullest.


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Jun 12, 2015
amazing NEW
by: James

i really appreciate your effort and my request is to please share us more post in future. Keep it up.

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