Mcy Ghost - I need a drink (The Story MixTape) Rocker Vybz

by Rocker Vybz
(Randburg, Gauteng)

IG: @mcyghost_official

IG: @mcyghost_official

(Intro/ 1st verse:)

Shitt on the wall got blood on my toes
where I stand its dots on a mall
I'm all that the devil means I fight so close
tell me when I'm wrong damm shitt got me strong
doing the shittt upgrade I make the souls bleed
if u dd ask what I mean niqqa I'm on fleek
click click these hoes come suck my dick
cookie pin so tight ain't sucking no pudding shitt

aaaaa she fell in love with my kicks
I'm the shittt the realest in the shittt
got them running around like a sophisticated chick
come I play you leave you with something thick on your wrist

ask what she is she the broom I'm the stick
I'm a builder I need a brick
the hate you speak making me close to cross the sea
damm these hoes in the club trynna play the trick

bitch huh I need a drink
Huh I need a drink
Dj Mugo I need a drink

I want no bitch in my bed coz I'm a freak
I stretch go beyond Lil Moniez with the dick
self employed pretend to wall with a stick
come play on my shoulders that a massive tip

btch I need a drink
I'm riding on the shittt
yeah I understand if u wann take a pic
I'm busy working riding on the ship

run niqqa yeah getting thousand in a week
run everyday everytym niqqaz wish Me sick
uhh gotta get me quick I'm dashing with your sister
hard to judge and compare when u ain't in the pic

my music is soul u can't listen and call
do it again I'm on it I try my shitt gets blown
turning right turning left always getting shot
go down get up like mmmm must fall

Lil Moniez Lil Moniez I'm calling on your mummies
untouchable niqqa getting mornach of moniez
niqqa so humble and serving like Jesus on the cross
almost joined it signed bhy nah soul for a loss

I'm on like a whore sex chatting on the phone
get cold like a freezer but hot like a stove
so sad I'm introducing your bitch to an expensive store
she addicted no competition I'm on the mirror on the wall

damm yeah niqqa bang
coffee or shot you doze in bed
money come playing
music keep playing


gun in my pocket when I'm walking in the streets
I'm lit I'm cheese I'm a niqqa they stalk me in the streets
your bitch with no ass looking like a stick
I'm so real not ill don't need btches with lipstick

take a virgin to my crib so sudden she mum sick
got a plan next time she bring mummy to the crib
my version is too long btches say I'm thick
km tired of these games imma play the beats

I'm a kid I know but I'm the shitt
I'm sweet rap low bullshtt that I speak
post a tweet notes on get zero retweets
what's this you know erybody follow me

problem on my shoulders pretend like my feathers
birds of the same .....flock together
want more than weezy shitt I'm a murder achierver Mcy Ghost the believer


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