Masterpiece Yoh

by Masterpiece Yoh
(South Africa)

Blame it on ma money (lyrics)
Ey, AntiqueGang
its Masterpiece Yoh
Blame it on ma money
Blame it, blame it on ma money x4
Look at ma Rolex; since I make cash I sign checks
Look at ma mansion, new fashion is flashing
Lights up - ma life high, ma swag clean I don’t touch down
I still fly on ma online still the king of H-town
AntiqueGang x2
I run the game I’m an African
I speak the game like an American
I drift the game like a Mexican
I’m in ya girl like of cuz I can
Hit that pussy like a hooligan
Just to prove to you you’re Peter Pan
I’ma rip it you faggot you ain’t a man
Play the beat I’ma hit it again
I spit real that replays the pain
Ma pound cake is simple as plain
When I blow the cake ma money don’t complain
Look how I wear it
Check how I walk it
Google how I spend it
Google how I earned it nigga...
it’s AntiqueGang

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