Make it home

by jeff north
(fort erie canada)

1) if you don't know me believe that im a bruiser, i like riding with my crew the southern cruisers, chapter 129 is were i run, we rolling over everything under the sun.

chorus: i like it loud i like it fast, im taking it in cause i know it won't last, i don't mean harm, its alright, im just trying to make it home tonight.

2) youll hear our bikes rumbling from a mile away, we living free every single day, when we roll out we are always legit cause the patches on out back aint hurting shit!! leather all around, helmets on our head, everyday we home we don't wind up dead.


3) yall will know me from my custom ride, ill be flying my colors on my black cowhide, black gas tank and chrome all around all you say is WOW when i cruise through your town, i hit the gas... ill see you soon WE WILL ALL RIDE OUT UNDER A WHITE FULL MOON!!!


written by jeff north

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