Lyrical Killer Serial

by Eddie "Fast" Hampton
(Middlesboro, Kentucky)

Beast mode lyical, take my quizzical
Uh, score minimal
Godly lyical, too strong spiritual
Supernatural lyrical, metaphysical
Get out ya' fantasy world-Mystical
My world 3 dimensional-spherical
"Robbin'" the egotistical, the pen N pad "criminal"
Kickin' metaphorical, my style so historical
You cryin' so horrible, Lil' fetus, eat my lyrical cereal thro ya' umbilical
Standin' on the lyical pinnacle
You outta' shape, my Pinnacle too steep-failed the physical
Mr. President lyical, so powerful- political
Catch my lyrics on the "flip side"-reciprocal
Reduce ya' lyrics to basic form-canonical
Call me Dr. Fixable lyrical, patients @ my clinical on condition critical
Blow Lyrics out the water, Whale's spiracle
The lyric emperor, lyrical Empire- Imperial
Lyrical brain, thoughts a miracle
You? No skills analytical
You so lyrical cynical, I stay lyrical satirical
I expose you, so hypocritical
Ya' perception, no processin', sumblinal
I? I robot, process computer speed numerical
So fast, turn ya' cerebral vertical-Transferable
Totaled! Not repairable
My game so desirable, Damn that boy uncomparable- "forget spiritual, do him premarital"
He so sick with it, venerable incurable
So sick, world labeled him Ethiopian-Sterotypical
Girl, I'll pass, you too typical
I'm out, Only 15 minutes to Jot a lyrical riddle

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