Love 2.0

by Hank little
(Vanderbilt Michigan usa)

You think you got her but ya dont, I have her in the palm of my hand. So don't fret you need to expand on your threat vocabulary. I love her, she loves me your not wanted but I am so get your shit packed and hit that Damn road before I turn you into a choad.

I am here turning there heads but Noone can turn my head oh wait she can. She is my life I want to make her my wife. She makes it hard to breath so I fall down on that one knee and say will you marry me. She holds her breath with her face lit up with a smile so I am trying to see if I'm going to be the one that makes her Chace after me.

Lord I think it's time for me to settle down on a dime. I'm tired of the drama so please don't Botha me again. I found what I am looking for and she isnt slamming the door in my face so I'm definitely in the presence of grace. She is my angel she is the one who makes me tangle my words up and get choked but I'm broke till I'm with her the line is no longer blurred on where I need to be so please love don't you see your the only one for me.

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