Words and lyrics were in her blood. Lorrie Caplan always wanted to be a songwriter from the age of nine. Living so close to Manhattan’s Brill Building in the sixties, she had an ache and a big dream to travel the ninety-two miles from her home town of Philadelphia to be the "coffee girl" for all of the singer song writers and music producers of her time. It was just a dream that did not become a reality.

She wanted to meet Ellie Greenwich, Quincy Jones, Carole King, and Phil Spector, and her favorite of the time, Leslie Gore. While residing outside of Boulder, Colorado she is living her dream now, co-writing pop songs meant for the artists of today such as Adele, Rhianna, Pink, and Christina Perri.

Currently, Lorrie is the Author of Giving Birth to My Parents, published In January 2012, writing a daily blog, www.givingbirthtomyparents.com and is adding the finishing touches on a comedy play entitled, The Princess and the Iguana.

Caplan has been an Abstract Watercolor and Acrylic Artist for the past twenty years. Though she loves all the levels of her creativity, song writing is her true passion.

Inspired by her life experiences, her message is to spread healing light. Her angel name is Eluminara, meaning the holder of light for all to see and feel.

With a heartbeat and rhythm to her words there is a strong force that listeners connect to. Pure divine light streams from her words and will continue to resonate for a million years.

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