live life

by Nathaniel Robles
(Hollister,Ca )

Just live life.
you only get one.

No matter what you say about me,
I really don't care
Oh what you don't like me
so what
I still don't care
I'm here to share the earth with over 7 billion people
do you here
I live life day by day
cause I know today could be my last, hey
so I dream like I live forever
but I live like I’m gone tomorrow
cause everything including you and me will move on like a stream
and every dream, every nightmare will always come to an end
every road has a bend or bump
even for Donald trump
it will come to an end
but life will flow on
I'll keep on trying to make it big
Some days I just wish everything was a dram
but I take a step
take a leap
and i'm coming at you with supersonic speed.
everything in life has a step
lay sit crawl, walk, and talk
scribbles words sentences paragraphs essays
bounce a ball dribble get the handles
a b c d f
all your grades take a stage
but everyone acts like it's all a game
but everyone seems to be walking in shame
thinking they all aren't lame
may not rap fast but I be killing it
and this is thrilling to me

And I say just live your life
you only get one
the one where you get to shine
where i make myself
and only want to live

one moment may be laying down crying
next i be all smiling
what do you think i'm lying
make fun of me for trying
but hey at least I can get on this stage and give it a shot
it takes a lot
gotta take a step back
clear my nerves
can't feel embarrassed
I know you might be smiling
I know you might be laughing
but hey come up on this stage and give it try
what are you jealous or something
0h it's ok just live for the moment

And I say just live your life
you only get one
the one where you get to shine
where i make myself
and only want to live

view yourself as popular
but you act like a toddler
are you okay do you need a thermometer
you looking in a red
do you need to be put to bed (yea)
cause after I am done with you will need to drink bread
throw a ball and you won't catch it
and I will be king and you will be on theeeeeee
other side of my throne (you know)

let's slow it down now
every single day just ask yourself
am I being nice
Can I be the best
but I know what you thinking
I can be mean
I can say things I didn't mean
but somedays I just have a bad day
sometimes life feels like it is being pulled from other your feet
somedays I just want to stay in my room all day and then cry all night
but I try to keep my self composed
but I'm sorry if I hurt you
sorry if I made you hurt
but trust me I feel the pain for you
I feel the pain and guilt for hurting you all have your quotes

and here is my quote
hope for the best expect the worst and take what comes.

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