Live It Up by Derrick Paul

Live it up by Derrick Paul
Verse 1
Feel the bass rock the beat we bought to pick it up
Get up now out out your seat I know you want to strut
Speak out loud go in preach you think you've had enough
Leave your mind take a peek this party's just begun

Put your hands in the air go and reach the sky
Music hype flashing lights jumping up so high
Getting loose feeling you you don't want to hide
People bumping doors are closing its time to get inside

I don't know what you have going through head
Let's get outside the place and go into a trace
Get up on you feet I know you want to dance
You want to dance 3x
So turn it

Live it up
I know your body wants dance with me
So live it up
Come and join the party you are dying to see
I got this feeling now you've caught up in the free
The temps is up high
Get out u want breathe
So live it up and dance with me

Verse 2
Working hard on feet your trying to fill the bore
Got your eyes on clock your bought to hit the door
Music stuck in your head going down your core
Hear the sound of your song now you want some more

Looking good like you should about to make a scene
Join me on the floor we make a perfect team
Scream high so high cause tonight is young
Pleasure time give it now it's time to turn it up



Break down


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