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Lisa Ogden

Lisa Ogden

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Lisa Ogden is the singer/songwriter of band 'Strawberry Vale' out of Victoria BC, Canada.
Strawberry Vale have been described as pop, country, bluesy, having catchy commercial sounding tunes, amazing vocals and strong soulful ballads.

"Out of your Mind" recently landed in the list of 5 finalists in the Peavey 40th Anniversary Song Contest, and Lisa's off the floor performance of "What in the World" (Broken Like Mine) placed her first in the Island MusicQuest 04, which gave her free recording time at Victoria's SeaCoast Sound studio with engineer Rick Erickson (Rocktoria Producer). Strawberry Vale is working on a debut CD. Check out their tunes at

Strawberry Vale makes "EDITOR'S PICK" and is reviewed on ''

Editor's Review:
A warning to Strawberry Vale: Unless you harbor a serious desire to be sampled by Eminem, you'd be wise to stop making such luscious, pretty pop songs. The Victoria, B.C., artist sings with a whispery delivery reminiscent of previous Eminem samplee Dido, while adding her own ethereal electronic touches..
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"an artist to be reckoned with!"
May 2006
Alannah Myles, International Grammy and multiple Juno award winning artist.
"You are an extraordinary talent with the rare gift of being able to write songs that dig deep into the heart of the public conscience...." "....I truly see you as an artist to be reckoned with out there in this world"
Alannah Myles

'a real revelation'
Nov 2005
Peri Urban, Music Reviewer - Scotland, UK
"Strawberry Vale is a real revelation. The production is warm and intimate (which is exactly what you need with a voice like that). The song writing is wonderfully straightforward and refreshing, with very direct lyrics that are both meaningful and commercial. I love it!
What is it about Canadian music? Everywhere I go on the web I keep coming across brilliant Canadian music. I'm gonna check out the rest of those links and revel in some more great stuff."

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