Lisa Lee is Oregon Born Music!

Smile - people will wonder what you're thinking!

Smile - people will wonder what you're thinking!

Lisa's voice blends power and tenderness, a sweeping three octave range, with a clear, pure tone which leaves her listeners captivated, soothed and awed. She exhibits a "oneness" with the music she performs. Her unique originals, filled with descriptive metaphors to Mother Nature, are characterized by the earthiness of folk, the substance of new thought, and the empathy of hard-earned wisdom.

Lisa performs and composes with an Autoharp. She is self-taught and her technique is uniquely stylized. The mellow, full-bodied sounds of Lisa's voice blending with the 36 string Autoharp combine to create an intimate aura which soothes, uplifts and renews your spirit. Each composition gently offers a view into the hidden parts of ourselves. She borrows her imagery from the beauty that surrounds us and the similarities between us. Freedom of expression, permission for the process, self-respect, and respect for Creation, motivates her music. Her music connects with people because it helps them connect with themselves.

Lisa performs other beautiful songs including those from traditional folk, soft country and contemporary easy listening favorites.

"People leave my performances soothed and relaxed. My intention is to open up your ears followed closely by your heart. I offer respite from the stresses we all experience. Music has power. I choose to sing songs that convey a message. Some purposefully contain more than one. Each listener will hear the message that is right for them. I want at least one person in my audience to feel good about where they have been, where they are now, and to look at the choices they have
about where they might be going and how they might get there."

Lisa's music brings you back to center, nourishes your heart & soul, encourages your spirit, and nurtures love, hope & peace.

"I grew up the countryside of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. My father, Carl Hall, was a painter. He taught me to view the mystery of Mother Nature, and to see the inter-connectedness of everything. He taught me to respect Mother Nature, and myself. I spent hours walking in the woods, horse-back riding and gardening. As a child I listened to traditional folk music, Joan Baez, Judy Collins and Peter, Paul and Mary, as well as the popular adult contemporary music of the time. In my 20's I learned to appreciate Country, R&B and classical music. I think the tradition of telling meaningful stories through song is important to continue. It is a perfect way for me to impart my knowledge and experiences hoping to help others along the way."

Lisa Has performed from Seattle, WA to Eugene, OR, in various venues over many years. A car accident in 1996 has facilitated many changes in Lisa's life and her availability to perform. Still she pursues her passion, by having created a unique intimate venue of her own. In her back yard "Concerts Under the Cedar Trees" was born. It is an intimate, casual courtyard filled with ferns and ground covers, rhododendrons and various flowers blooming all summer long. Here she combines her music, humor and wisdom into an opportunity for discussion and/or relaxation.

Visit her website: for more information about her car accident, her education, her experiences and the philosophy that brings it all together.

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Aug 08, 2009
Three Octave range???
by: Anonymous

Howdy Lisa Lee. Compliments on your new site.
"a sweeping three octave range".
Well M'am, mine is always in the "cornbread" octave. The words kinda stick in my gizzard.

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