Lioness Kate - Singer-Songwriter & Guitar Player

by Katelin Christenson
(Portland, Oregon, United States)

Lioness Kate has always had a song in her soul. Even from a young age she liked to make up tunes, melodies, and lyrics. She has always enjoyed singing in school, church, and home. Eventually she realized she wanted to get more serious about songwriting and developing her musical abilities so she began to teach her self guitar and write songs. She was born and raised in Soldotna, Alaska but currently resides in Portland, Oregon where she just released her new single, "Play Until Your Fingers Bleed" which is available now, meanwhile she is finishing the rest of her album which will be released in September. She hopes that her songs will inspire other people to think and be creative as well as provide positive energy and entertainment. Kate has written about 200 songs and keeps writing more as inspiration never ceases.

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Lioness Kate

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