Lifestyle Freestyle

by Veeh Lil'Monsterpull
(Lakeland, FL, USA)

Lifestyle (Remix)
By: Veeh Lil’Monsterpull

Be the realist shit I ever spoke
The realist shit I ever spoke

Went through a lot of shit
just to live this here lifestyle
But im comin straight from the booth
with a freestyle (aye)
but n*ggaz don’t wanna hear me bro (nope)
All they do is hate, talk, and envy bro (why)
Grew up on Strain (don’t)
And they don’t know my struggle bro (haha)
When they see me think I got it easy bro
Well lets walk down memory lane
You lookin through the window but never felt my pain
I was goin insane
I was goin crazy
Scared to go to sleep
Scared another would rape me
But we’ll get back to that
Lets talk about how we never had a Cadillac
Or sofas that matched
Roaches, and rats
The animal house full of dogs and cats
Fan in the window, with the door wide open
Every summer
Water on the floor
Cause we couldn’t afford a plumber
Raised by 2 women
Great Grandma and my mama
A revolving door
My Great Grandma raised my mama
One check a month and we still survived
Yard sale every Saturday
Put my pride to the side
Locked up, didn’t make the funeral
when you died
that’s a burden I have to live with
the whole time that im alive
but im not gone lie
plenty times I wished for death
yeah death on myself
like that night I got touched
couldn’t scream for help
the feeling I felt
cried and welped
everything went silent, did I just go deaf
pulled up my pants
stumbled down the hall
woke mama up why the tears steady fall
police got called
I went anti-social, social social
Some nights we didn’t eat
Thankful when they built the dollar store down the street
That was a treat
Well we treated ourselves
Foodstamps, school lunch
How we kept up our health
1 sister, 3 brothers
Bout 13 cousins
Bay-bay kids all us stayed cussin
Stayed fussin
Mama and auntie never got alone
Til this damn day I cant leave both of them alone
Couldn’t wait to get grown
To move into my own home
12 years old when I got my first cell phone
Mowed lawns all summer
Just to buy school clothes
And if we hit a lick
Boy we never ever told
Like the first night we moved in
I burnt up the stove
Pallets on the floor
Cause we slept on the floor
Next to the front door
To feel the wind blow
No central air and heat
And when it got cold
Boy we prayed for the
Prayed to leave outta that hell hole
Grandma feet stayed swole
Refrigerator never cold
Collard greens and fish
That they caught with a pole
Sometimes the lights were off
We had bootleg cable
Even thought it got bad
Til this day im still grateful
To you who touched me
No im not hateful
Pray God change your ways
Cause what you did wasn’t tasteful
And to my daddy
I know that I never met you
Whoever you are I hope that God bless you
My Mama, my Sister
Yall are my back bone
I got my brothers backs
Til God call me home
Only the strong survive
Struck by lightening, still didn’t die
Collided with a semi, still alive
What God got for you
The devil could never deprive
So I focus and strive to be the best
And no im not gassed
but you can call me Hess
play this game of life
like a game the Chess
put the bullshit to the side, X-Box the rest
in peace L.M.B.
stand up LMG
open up your eyes cause seeing
is belief
and I believe what I see
and I do not see death
all I see is the wealth
im the fire to the blunt
we inhale like a breath
we in hell like a breath (Veeh)

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