lifes rough but love can be enough

by Shelbie Thompson
(Campbellsville Ky, 42718)

im only 17, so many things i havent seen,
things i havent done in life, things i think i just might,
so tired of fighting but not gonna give up,
been laying here thinking maybe i should sit up,
get out and go do, after all the future is coming to,
life is changing, people still blaming, leaving,
but the right ones are staying, never straying,
always there for you, they know your past and everything youve done,
always loving and seeing how far youve come,
keep up with the ones thats there till the end,
those are the ones, the rest of your life youll spend,
the one you can trully call your bestfriend,
the one you trully love, the one you know was sent from above,
that you can count on, and rely, to always be there by your side,
thru the easy times and the hard, may this person not be very far,
things are going to be rough, but the love between has to be enough,

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