Life's not a fairytale

by Amya Owens

Oh,oh,ohhhh you act like your king of the world, stepping on my dreams. But now you see your never gonna be a king cause boy this ain't no fairytale to be liven, there's no kings n queens, no magic or fairys, cause this is real life no fairytale (real life) oh boy stop trying to be a prince cause that ain't you it ain't even close to being true, walk around like you own the place, trying to be Prince Charming, but boy your so wrong cause this isn't a fairytale to be liven if only you could see. But now your rein over this land is over cause I've pulled the plug. Stop acting like a child grow up and be a man open your eyes and see that this is real life no fairytale (real life) just give up and face real life

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