by cdorf

xcuse me,am not immortal because i speak no technniques
in this world am feeling like a hostage someone please come rescue me
life is hard,life is a dick,life wants to screw me
but i refuse to be a bitch,and let no moda4kr do me
if hiphop is dead, then i must be,
but if its still living,then am the air it breathe.
Xcuse me for been me if you know what i mean,
there is no monster only me in a black suit
and i see no devil,only the evil that we all do
life is sick,life is twisted,life can get you confused
witch is wrong,witch is wright,witch one shuld you choose
life to me is a game,some will loose
and some will win
who are dose?
Only the lord knows
beyond the human beings..

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