by Andrew J. Vasquez


Taking credit for the morning like the rooster in the morning, gd morning to all and how was last night, I had one Cigarillo And 1 lime bud light, chugged that shit down and had a nice flight, I feel like I sound like what's currently being portrayed like Lyrics this night, I'd rather cash out And have a underground fight, Can't fall asleep at the Pen and wake up like you swear you Could write, Some type of shit these dudes gotta mixed up I'm tired of all this talk about drinks in my Cup,or what you Stackin, I'd rather keep talkin about how you Reacting and how you blew up, You started from the bottom but Some would say u had help the Way up, Still second guessing Your talents so you Repeat the same Stuff, Public is Controlled by the Diversion of what they think is good music, I'm not tryna freestyle or Write 1 song so u could help me prove it, Not tryna be on the radio for the truest fakers Show, Some Kids go to college some, Some Fuck up and wind up in jail, u asked what time,the Gov gave u a schedule b here this day most likely I'll catch you in another year, Catch Me if you Can Said Sam I Am I been doing the same business and expect the same forgiveness moving with Heart of the blue force, Should have joined the unit, you took the wrong course but it wasn't the Course It was the choice me vs you even tho u got a political Voice, Hypnotize all who See but none who listen unless ur part of the 6headed Monster who deducts your life then plays with how you living, Artist,GoV,Stars they all part of the same rhythm one keeps you listening and tries to control ur indifference, The other lets you walk And taxes you for Living, the other portray to b ahead of the line cuz they were Seen first. Only see what they want you to See only listen to what you know is the truth, If u Got something to say make sure it's the truth or something that leads to what's real in the room just cause you walked thru the door don't means u made it passed the the exit,More like you came thru the entrance, tryna come thru for a bit and put in scraps u had came wit All you proven is you wasn't ready yet, don't feed me what you feed yourself We got a different appetite I'm a lil more preferential and a lil more specific can't fuck with you Cause You never With iT, Preaching the same shit I'm waiting for your apology you waiting for my forgiveness, Pack it up and go there ain't no chance for you here...


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