Lets Make A Change

by Guadalupe
(United States)

Its time to make a change in this society
People walk around with so much anxiety
Everyday when you listen to the news
All you hear about it abuse
Substitution for the real constitution
When solders come back from war
Dont you think they need a little bit more ?
More attention,more dedication
The world might be suprised
But they gotta realize
People are in pain
And no one seems to have shame
Cuts on wrists
Smile on lips
And no one notices
Everyones ashamed of what they have become
And all these scars that wont fade in the long run
They try to smile and have fun like everyone else
Is that even possible anymore?
They say your past haunts you
I think the present is even worse
It seems to be a curse
But all i gotta say
This storm youre passing by will slowly end
Things get better
Rain doesnt lasts forever.

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