Let Your Son Down

by Ralph Cole
(Greensboro, NC, USA)

When i was growing up i thought my dad would always be great
Put a roof over my head and put food on my plate but wait
I said thought but as i got older he started to change his part out my life he grew far
Moving into 1st grade not a bone to shy
I was the nicest kid ever and im not talkin about fly
I kept my talking at a maximum
Never talkin bad to them
Teachers and students yea we all got to laugh with them
But as i explain, my dad would never be there
Good grades, good character but he wouldn't care
Or at least
Not show it, working was his focus
And for him to even show it was some form of hocus pocus
But see im only seven not knowing any better
Everything was like heaven all the good came together
But life was nice you cant live it twice
But he never seemed to see that never made a sacrifice
You Let Your Son down
Have you ever had the feeling where you stopped breathing tryna make ya dad proud?
Hmph he didnt want you a sperm donor to haunt you.

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