Legacy Of My Time

by Alexandra Rose
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

I wrote this song, which is dedicated to my dad that died on Christmas eve of 2003

- you left, what feels like yesterday morning on the 24th, they came to the door while I wandered into shock through the query hallway. I thought to myself, I'd rather not know anymore.

-each day i look through adversity knowing your void was for a purpose, i'm not looking for a sorry or pity because all these tears are just a fragile sorrowful curse

chorus- stormy nights, 10 years, you're on my mind, you're never forgotten, a Legacy of my time, story nights of the 24th, you're on my mind, you're never forgotten. You my friend are a legacy of my time

2nd verse
- what time is it? mmm i should just get over it, i'm much much older now, i should be able to take such a hit. IN every moment that i've fallen, an ounce of my soul is bolder.
- ohh my mothers tears have been consistent for ten years, but she made the lady I've become today and now life has brought me zero fear, even with all this near; you're spirit yells me a hey

heartbeat after heartbeat you left me for a reason, though at a bad time of the season, one day i hope to see you up in earths fantasy of heaven

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