Left on Earth

by Jay Bateman
(UK, England, Surrey, Worcester Park)

2 million.
40 million.
3 billion.
6.4 billion
7.37 billion.

Verse 1
There's one man left on Earth,
no longer a single birth,
this man has streets to roam,
but these streets he roams alone,
there's one mind left alive,
a hollow body of no brightside,
this man has seen no inside,
since this was a thriving hive,
there's not much left on the shelves,
the bees have stung themselves.

Verse 2
This man no longer knows love,
has his loved ones have left for above,
no family, no friends, no home,
these ghostly streets show things that..
weren't meant to be shown,
the man stumbles to his knees,
he seems he misses the bees,
his bones lay at waste,
he knows he's the last of the human race.

Verse 3
There was a man left on Earth,
he couldn't take life alone,
was his fate made at birth,
or was it recently shown,
he had dreams, that had to die,
the Earth crumbles, he knows why,
the hive is no longer alive,
not even the wasps can thrive,
the man knew he couldn't roam,
one man was left standing alone.

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