Learn to kill on a forty inch screen

by Ed Driscoll
(West Hartford CT.)

Learn how to kill on a forty inch screen
Then in the playground wonder why we are mean.

The remote control is soiled with sugar and fat
Just like us, but there is a drug for that.

If drug causes problems turn the channel and see
A law firm will get you money for free.

Can’t hire a teen to move a small amount of dirt,
A lawyer is waiting should he get hurt.

The cops shut down a little girl’s lemonade stand
She did not have a permit in this regulated land.

We will get the economy moving by destroying good cars,
No need for Congress, we got the Czars

Little girls learn about Barbie and Ken
Then in school learn about sex and then.

It is ok, we get condoms that are tight
It is called our reproductive right.

If condoms don’t work, no need to cry
If the abortion goes wrong you may leave the child to die.

At least that is what our President has said
No consequences no need to wed.

You want to hire a person to help clean up a small mess
You will face years of paper from the IRS.

A white kills a black and it is a national disgrace
While blacks kill blacks at a holocaustic pace.

But the Seals Kill Ben Laden and we all can take pride
But Lincoln was right; we will die from inside.
You may say I sing like a goon.
But I got the words if you got the tune.

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