Krypton Da kiD feat Jay Murphy-So Blessed Mp3

by lloyd
(south Africa)

Theres alotta hating in this business i just cant deal, why cant we get together and produce some good musik, to all the rappers listenin i hope u get the message, so u can stop all these evil ways being tha baddest, bath the good die young, i guess its goodbye ma, i'm on ma way to meet ma maker and ma fellow bradas, the dumb and devious playing dirty with em bad boy stripes, thy selling souls to devil for tha price of fame, what has the world came to? Is this the life we chose? This world is full o questions but it got minimum answers, and a lotta pretenders, potraying fake love, they claim to be ur friend but really ey mocking bad, they love u when u up, they hate u when u down, but it dnt matter coz tha holy ghost neva forsake u, for God so loved tha world he gave away he's only son, so whoever believes in him shall have eternal life

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