Kingwood Kowboy

by Larry W Jones
(Longmont, CO USA)

Kingwood Kowboy Larry W Jones

Kingwood Kowboy Larry W Jones

Bio: Larry W. Jones, aka Kingwood Kowboy, from Kingwood, Texas, now residing in Longmont, Colorado. Author of over 6,750 song lyrics. Published in nineteen volumes and all posted on his website.

"Real Country Lyrics" is an ongoing project, showcasing the roots of Country, Cowboy and Western songs popular in the mid 1900's. Published in eleven volumes of 250 each.

"Island Song Lyrics" is the world's largest collection (4,000) of island-themed songs. Written in the old "Territorial Hawaii" style popular in the early 1900's when tropical dreams came true. Published in eight volumes of 500 each.

Public Radio Exchange ( broadcasts his ongoing series of one-hour music programs. Artists may send their MP3 recordings of Larry's lyrics for inclusion on future radio programs at no cost to the artist.

Note to musicians/artists - All lyrics are properly copyrighted and the titles are registered through BMI, therefore ready for YOUR editing, arranging, music, recording and marketing as you wish.
Just list Larry W. Jones as the lyrics writer.
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