by K.C.
(Detroit, Michigan)

I'm hoping you understanding that all this romancing ain't by chance this ain't no mistake
To your heart you gave me directions but I'm losing my way
Your attention span
That's something I'm tryna grab
Delicate as a lotus flower
The same scent
That you got on,
Cheeks red as a rose
As I recite these words to you
And the whole time im wondering would you be my mascot
When you need inspiration baby I play that sideline
Second string just tag me in when you tired of playing
And I'm gone push to your limits
Just treat me with Patience
Girl just ride for me,
When shit get tough just keep a massage for me
And I'm give you double what you give me I give you 100 percent of me
Cause relationships only last half the time when its fifty ,fifty

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