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I started writing poems when I was child. Back then they were very simple, more like short nursery rhymes. As I grew the poems took on more meaning and eventually, I began writing lyrics as well.

The significant difference between the two was, and remains to be, the lyrics always came to me with a tune, a melody, as if I had heard the song before. All the words came at one and I could sing them immediately. Very seldom would I modify the spontaneous stanzas as I wrote them down, sometimes hours or even days later.

I've had several opportunities to record my songs. The hard part was finding someone to help me compose the music so I could sing along with the tune. As yet, I have not been completely satisfied with the arrangements. What I hear has not been successfully duplicated and it is my dream to finally have at least one of my songs fit exactly, or as close as possible, to what I hear.

I believe there is a musician somewhere out there with whom I can connect and my aspirations will be fulfilled.

As of now, I have just turned in my 60th year and many many poems and songs. I have experienced far too many significant sufferings, but as with most, if not all, other authors, famous or not, they have provide equally significant inspiration, albeit with many tears shed.

As well, I have seen and have embraced great joy! Becoming a father of two amazing sons is far and away the ultimate wonder. At one time I looked to religion for guidance and support. As a babe I was baptized as a Catholic and then at the age of twelve, again as a Baptist. Now, however, although I still pray, I have faith in my spirit.

Despite it being laid low, I have once more raised it an even greater height than I have ever realized, witnessing the birth of my children notwithstanding. Hence, I have begun to pursue my dream with more exuberance, more determination. It is because of my new resolve that you see these words posted here.

As I grow, so too, will the number of submittals. Thanks for reading.

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