Just another 90's kid

by Abhishek
(Manipal India)

So now that you gotta grind,
You mind,
Knowing very well one day you might
End up a nobody up in a ditch and die.
You got a girlfriend a squeeze and a house,
When it’s the homeless and broke who end up, up in the clouds.
Looking down on your mediocre ass
Son, you need to turn down some of that sass.
Hoping, Maybe a miracle or a lightning gonna fall on your head
You gonna end up a superstar or some rich shit head.
You thinking its all gonna last forever
but never under estimate the power or life and fate
You know very well someday its all gonna fade.
All your glory your legends and those stupid made up tales.
Why is everybody nodding their heads
Like what are you dense,
Half of these fucking lyrics don’t even make any sense.
I jerked off to your sister twice
Watched a little Miami vice.
Sipping on some orange juice
Trying to let some of those words loose.
Spent half of my fucking life like a prima donna one day you gonna wanna
End up in the same shoes
A life of an over achiever with no idea what else to do.
Its all a bit pointless being the middle children of history and all
We all know how it goes
Since Ed Norton explained it all
And so did Durden
Why you walk around with that fuckload of useless burden
You can speak with honesty
And all the fucking modesty is not gonna make you great anyway
You gotta pull your head out of the dirt and make this world your bitch again.

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