Just A Dream

by Ambient Vale

I’m stuck in a vivid dream,
Not saying it’s a bad thing,
I just hope it doesn’t end,
‘Cause I’d rather be here,
Than awake in a depressing reality,

I woke up,
To a cruel world,
That shatters hopes and dreams,
That never fulfills one’s needs,
Knock me out,
I wanna dream again,
Give me a dose,
I wanna go comatose,

Fill me with your injection,
Stick those needles into my veins,
Put me to sleep,
Put me to sleep,
I don’t wanna live in reality anymore,

I woke up,
In a harsh world,
That cripples you and sickens you,
And never satisfies you,
Knock me out, knock me out,
Give me a dose,
Of that tranquil injection,
I can’t handle anymore deception,

And when I sleep,
I’ll dream,
Of a utopia,
Where I can live forever in peace and harmony.

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