jon whatever

we exist- eventually we don't
so take risks before you go
don't count your eggs, before they hatch
don't buy a ounce, without no cash
you roll with dogs, you catch flees in a snatch
don't do 220 on the interstate slow it down and let it fabricate
don't be the program, be he operator don't be controlled,
be the control player
as a man growing up, people had enough
called you a hopeless cun*
spent your wage on a rage
but at the end of the day,
you work hard all day,
like in a cage paying a mortgage,
in deep getting told find another place to sleep
cops getting called every week
kicks getting thrown on the concrete
money is tight it, always caused a riot when rents had money,
rents went quite rents
lie when money crosses by,
in a blink of an eye money goes dry,
rents flip like gymnastics house content insurance goes up dramatic..

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