jentlelity ft hood24 movie

Intro Hood 24
Don't you ever doubt a boy when he is still on his grind
Cause I can put you in a beamer in a matter of time. Cause I do it everyday like the hustle on rewind.
Hood 24 baby that be my name so you better memorize.
And the kid got game so you suckers recognize.
Cause we on we won. See we going international from Nigeria to Zambia
Lagos to Lusaka and we do it all again

Verse 1 Hood 24
Woke up this morning feeling a star but facebook page got no likes though.
And I ain't got no money still stacking rubber bands though.
Competition don't keep me busy I'm in the house watching cartoons yo
Nah you haters cany stay here but at least you could stay tuned though
Cause a movie coming soon
Put that on my momma I'ma kill it in the game
Pull up in a beamer nah we rappers not the same
Ever since I started spitting mayne these rappers started missing. Verse 2 jentlelity. Gheto made me,god save me,the say am rough is not my fault ,they gotta do it cause I made da song yea ,may 1996 I fuck 26 bitches they say is like movie ,I got succes they say is like a movie ,I got fame they say is like movie ,I don't give a fuck I don't give a fuck mind your fucking bussiness before I hit your head shit. Haters can't be like me may be next life ,see as they carry gun wana take life,can't catch me cause am in next line ,my rap sweet like yogo,make sense like ego(money) too dangerous like boko ,now bitches trying to love me ,everbody trying to feel me jentlelity that's what they call me cause am so pouplar but am not cobra. Hookjentlelity. Now am a super star ,everybody watch me like movie yeee x4. Outrojentlelity. Igbo boy jentlelity. Hood24,sweettmoney entertainment ,Dr tunes I see you ,bosalin,janezee ,mc a.z,johncrown,keyboy thank to you mehn

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Nov 11, 2015
Baynton NEW
by: Sean

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Sep 04, 2014
I love this nice lyric NEW
by: okta de mix

I love this .wish to be like good as jentlelity

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